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Is this really DirecTV?

March 4, 2010

This is a follow up to my rant yesterday about phantom receivers on my DirecTV (DTV) bill.

First, let me put things in context. In August of 2008, I spent 2 or 3 hrs trying to get a phantom receiver removed from my bill. In early 2009, I had to do it again. In both instances, I started by contacting DTV via their telephone customer service. Both experiences were excrutiating Kafka-esque decents into beaurocratic Hell.

I heard back from DTV. They responded to my tweet rant about 3 hrs after it went out, requesting that I DM my account info to the so they could look into it.

Here’s what they had to say:
“My name is Carl and I’m writing in response to your recent posts on Twitter regarding additional receivers on your account. I tried to call you today around 9:15 AM PT, but was unable to reach you.

I do see that two receivers were removed from the account today, leaving only the four receivers you provided info about on your account. I see that you were charged for five receivers between 7/15/09 and 2/1/10, and six receivers between 2/1/10 and today. As such, we’ve applied programming credits totaling $59.47 to your DIRECTV account for the charges. The credits will appear on your next statement or online at

Thanks again for writing.-”

First reaction from me “Who are you an what have you done with the DTV I’ve come to know and dislike.”

Good of them to research the account history. Makes it obvious that I haven’t looked at my billing stmt since at least June 2009.

One other thing is somewhat embarrassing. I’d decided to forego the anticipated 45+ minute wait trying to start with customer service over the phone, so I initially (last night) sent my complaint via DTV’s web-based email. Then I drafted the same info into a snailmail letter and dropped it in the mail. Then, when I say they’re tweet rely thus morning, I responded with my info there. So now, assuming the problem is solved, someone will have to research the email complaint later today. In a couple of days, another person will get the snailmail and perform the same research. Now I’ve become a contributer to customer service inefficiency.

All I can say at this point is “my bad”.

Getting back to DTV’s responding to my initial tweet rant, should I dare to say that, maybe, they are “getting it” now? They seem to have . . . well, . . . performed! It’s kind of disorienting that they’ve contradicted my expectations so completely.

I’ll follow up if there is more to tell with his story.

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Why I hate DirecTV

March 3, 2010

Why I hate DirecTV: I see I’m now being billed for 6 receivers (I’ve always had 4). Its like a sick game: How many phantom receivers this month? This will be my third time having to spend time trying to get them to take phantom receivers off my account. IMHO DirecTV sucks!