True Confessions of a “Nerdfighter”

True Confessions of a “Nerdfighter” (hats off to Charles White who kindly introduced me to the VLog Brothers on YouTube): I’ve already accomplished two of my New Year’s Resolutions and I was able to do them simultaneously.  I spent an entire day this week watching all three extended editions of the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy (a long-time dream of mine – over 12 hours of video viewing pleasure) while concurrently performing a “slash and burn” format and reinstall of OS X and all of the software programs I actually use on my MacBook Pro (almost two years of cruft cleared away!) and retired our ancient “desk-lamp” iMac G4 (which my kids refuse to use anymore because its so slow) to it’s new home as a file/print server on the home network.  This will have to satisfy until I can talk Phaly into letting me get a new computer (Oh Puh-leeeeeeezzzzzzzz! . . .  Well . . . maybe in another couple of years.).   ;-P

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